The Make Food Your Friend programme is not a diet, it is not calorie counting. It is a programme that changes your relationship with food forever. It will encourage you to eat healthily, however, you can still eat all the foods you enjoy, only the therapy will help you enjoy that food even more, by not eating too much.


Together we will recover the way you used to automatically control your weight when you were a baby. Think about a baby that you know, that baby knows exactly when to eat. The baby gets a very clear signal and it calls for food by crying, then when the baby has taken enough food, the baby rejects the bottle or spoon - the perfect weight control system!


There are 2 key elements to the programme, the first is 'eat when you're hungry, stop eating when you are full'. Just like a baby, cries when hungry, then push the bottle away. We still have them behaviours in our subconscious we simply reignite them. The second is building desire and motivation for more physical movement.  It's not always about actual exercising, but when the body moves it burns calories, so we look at ways you can blend in more movement into your daily life.

After the war finished, food was for many years rationed and was not to be wasted and that belief has been passed down the generations.  Also, the portion sizes were much smaller, unlike today as over the years the portion size has increased, but were are still conditioned that we must clear our plates. This along with the introduction of processed food and additives our food now has a larger amount of calories per portion.


The programme focuses on how you want your body to be, we do not discuss 'weight loss', as that implies that when you have lost something your subconscious will carry on looking for it. It is all about how you feel, and instead of focusing on weight and measurements, I encourage you to notice the changes in your eating, thinking and physically, as our thoughts, decisions and actions are mainly based on our emotions. The more powerful the emotions the more our body responds. Therefore, as part of the programme, I will not be measuring you nor be weighing you. The proof in the pudding will be you feeling more comfortable and happy with yourself, the self you deserve to be.


The programme consists of 4 sessions. The first session lasts for up to one and a half hours, that is where I go through the full details of the programme and discuss with you, your relationship with food. The remaining sessions are for one hour.

The programme includes:

  • 4 Hypnotherapy sessions.
  • A Take Home Therapy Audios that you use each day during the programme and then this is the beauty of the programme, you can continue to listen at your leisure once a week or whenever you desire to keep the therapy alive and help you maintain your desired shape and size.
  • A Personal Journey Workbook.

Please visit my Testimonial page to read the feedback from past clients


Auriculotherapy for Weight Control

I am now pleased to also offer Auriculotherapy.   


Auriculotherapy is a form of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture, Dr Paul Nogier is considered the grandfather of auriculotherapy and since the 1950's has developed this therapy. The ear is considered a microsystem, the same as the foot in reflexology.  All of the body's nervous system run through the ear.  


The various organs, muscles and skeleton parts are represented on the ear as well as various systems like the Central Nervous System, Endocrine System to name a few.  Over the years of developing this therapy, they have also located points that have an effect on appetite, metabolism, the hunger point and many more.  There are over 300 points on the ear, and there have been over 280 protocols created to help with everything from weight control, menopause, anxiety, PTSD to Pain relief. 


By pinning various points of the ear with the semi-permanent needles this helps to assist with weight control.  This treatment for weight control is not a single approach treatment, it is to be used alongside other forms of weight control.   I am offering this therapy both alongside my hypnotherapy programme, but also for those that are engaged with a diet or similar. 


Whilst on my Make Food Your Friend programme, studs will be inserted on each session.   This optional and an additional cost is incurred.

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