There will always be an excuse to put off stopping


The best time

to stop





People think smoke as some form of reward system or that it relaxes them.

The truth is it is far from being a reward and in fact, nicotine is a stimulate.


In the 2 hour session, I will inform you about what smoking is doing to your body

and what you are actually putting into it when you smoke


We discuss what you get out of smoking, what you hate about it. 

What would you like to be doing instead, restart an old hobby, or start a new one. 


I pride myself on supporting clients, even after the session. 

My goal is to help you achieve your goal. 


If you begin smoking again within 4 weeks I will provide a top-up

session with No Charge.





"This wonderful man has helped me become a non smoker.....after 17 long years of a heavy 65 and no looking back. Without the session with Tomas I know I would never have stopped smoking. I am so thankful to you Tomas and wish you the very best."  S. Hussain


"I went to see Thomas 2 weeks ago to have hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. He is a very nice chap and he put me at ease straight away. I haven't had a cigarette since. I'm not going to lie,  the first week wasn't easy but Thomas was like a mentor,  he messaged me to see how I was getting on and once I admitted I was struggling sent me a recording which helped. I was still struggling a few days later so he sent me another recording to top up the session and it worked. I'm so much calmer now and not struggling at all. He's still checking up on me, it's great to know he has your back. If you're thinking of having hypnotherapy, I definitely recommend you go and see Thomas"


"5 minutes in Thomas’s company and you feel like you’re best friends he puts you so much at ease you forget what you’re there for I’ve had hypnotherapy before to stop smoking but it didn’t work so i didn’t hold out much hope this time either I was fully aware of what was going on I just felt relaxed but could see images so vividly I had 1 session and don’t even think about having a cigarette at all. I don’t want one or need one I’ve had no withdrawal symptoms at all and saved so much money I also feel a lot healthier and don’t miss having to stand outside in the cold and rain thank you Thomas for literally saving my life let him save yours too"

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