I am so confident that my stop smoking/vaping cessation therapy will work for you, that should you fail within the first four weeks. I will offer you a further session with NO CHARGE!


To book please call Thomas on 07789000194



People think smoke as some form of reward system or that it relaxes them.

The truth is it is far from being a reward and in fact, nicotine is a stimulate.


In the 1.5 hour session, I will inform you about what smoking is doing to your body

and what you are actually putting into it when you smoke


You will find that after the session you are actually calm, tolerant

and that you do not start overeating


I give your subconscious a suggestion to reward yourself by shedding any

unwanted weight or anything else that you would like.


If you begin smoking again within 4 weeks I will provide a top-up

session with No Charge.






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