Therapy for Addiction


Are you experiencing unhealthy thoughts and feelings around your relationship with alcohol? Or have you got yourself into a difficult situation through using illegal or prescription drugs? Nobody is beyond help, and you can turn your life around.  I specialise in addictions and help people take the control back. 


During the session, you’ll be put into a more relaxed and suggestive state of mind. In this state, you'll be able to access thoughts, feelings and memories that are buried deep in your subconscious. Talking about these issues with Thomas McGowan, will help you to get to the root cause of your unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol.  I use a variety of therapies to help be get the best results I can for the client. 



We'll establish why you turn to substance misuse. We’ll work together to understand your negative thoughts and feelings and to reframe your perspective on your addiction. Often there is an underlying sense of depression and anxiety that has led you down an unhealthy and sometimes dangerous path. Depression and anxiety can also be treated through hypnosis and talking therapies, allowing you to become a healthier, happier version of yourself.


Do I have a problem with alcohol?


Many clients that I work with are not completely dependent on alcohol. You can cut out alcohol for a few days, maybe a week, you managed “dry January” or “sober October”. This doesn’t mean that your relationship with alcohol is healthy. As you start drinking again, you might find that the amount you drink, or how often you drink, creeps up and up.


You might have noticed that one bottle of wine on an evening is no longer cutting it, and you’ve started buying two “just in case”.


You might be wondering if you smell of alcohol at work in the morning, or while you’re driving the kids to school.


Alcohol might be causing friction in your relationships with other people; partners, children, parents.


There is no maximum amount of alcohol that a person should drink. The best indicator as to whether or not your drinking is out of control is yourself and the people around you. You don’t need to label yourself “an alcoholic”. If you or the people that you love are worried about how much you’re drinking, now is the time to seek help.


You don’t need to be waking up searching for a bottle of vodka before you look to improve your relationship with alcohol. You don’t need to let it get to the point where your husband/wife/children are ready to abandon you. You don’t need to lose your job or get into financial difficulty because you can’t get up for work in the morning. By taking action and addressing your feelings towards alcohol sooner rather than later, you can avoid the heartbreak and devastation of true alcohol dependency. 


Other types of addiction


Drinking alcohol is considered socially acceptable and so can go unnoticed and untreated for a long time. Other addictions, such as gambling or illegal drugs can quickly spiral out of control due to financial difficulties or health concerns.


Addiction to alcohol, (prescription or illegal) drugs, gambling or sex isn’t about the substance. It’s not about the ‘thing’ that you’re addicted to; it’s about how that thing makes you feel.


Whatever you’re addicted to, we can apply a similar thought process:


There are many ways that hypnosis can help you to break free from this cycle. Working together, we can identify and avoid triggers (whether they’re people, places or things). We’ll look at how to cope with cravings. You’ll begin to understand that getting a “fix” from your substance provides only temporary relief, and that it’s not long before the negative consequences of your addictive behaviour set in. An example of this would be an alcoholic saying “I’ll just have one glass” then waking up on the sofa at 3am when you’ve passed out after your second bottle. Finally, we aim to eliminate the shame, guilt and suffering that you feel as a result of your actions. 



Different stages of recovery from drug and alcohol use:


I offer help for people at various stages of addiction recovery:


  • Pre-recovery. For those who are still using their preferred/problem substance. You might be functioning but unhappy and looking to change. Cracks are starting to appear and you’re feeling as though you’re out of control.


  • Early recovery. For people who have recently stopped using their substance of choice and are struggling with cravings and triggers. This is often the most difficult part of the process and my 24/7 support can be invaluable. I’m happy to work with addicts who have recently left residential rehab – recovery only really begins when you get home!


  • Long-term recovery. For those who have kicked the habit and are over the initial day-to-day struggles. We look at the root causes of your addiction and work on self-improvement, allowing you to reflect on and work through your past mistakes.


Beacon Hope Therapy: Why I am different


The best people to help you to take back control from addiction are recovered addicts themselves. Only somebody who has experienced the same thoughts and feelings can understand what you’re going through. I have first-hand experience of addiction and recovery and have since trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. You can read more about my personal experience with addiction on the “My Story” page.


Recovering from any kind of addiction is a difficult and sometimes lengthy process. There might be relapses. There will be tears. There will be setbacks and difficulties.


Hypnotherapy along with the other therapies that I work with such as NLP, EFT and Auriculotherapy provides a long-term solution to your drug or alcohol problem. We’ll work together to change your mindset; eliminating fear and weakness, and replacing them with confidence, hope and happiness.


Beacon Hope Therapy’s service is very discreet and completely confidential; ideal for those who prefer not to engage in group therapy or other addiction rehab programs.

The therapy program includes:


  • An initial consultation
  • Four therapy treatment sessions
  • One therapy follow-up session
  • 24/7 emergency telephone support
  • Over a approximate times scale of 8 weeks


Click here to visit the Testimonials page to read the reviews from past clients


I know how difficult it can be to break the cycle of addiction. I always have my phone on to take calls from hypnotherapy clients who are suffering with substance abuse. This can be the difference between relapsing and staying on track.


We also understand the difficulties that friends and family face when a loved one is in the grips of addiction. If I’m working with the addict, it would be a conflict of interest to work with family or friends of that individual. However, I would highly recommend The Vesta Approach; a specialised support service for families of addicts.


PLEASE NOTE: If you’re dependent on drugs or alcohol at the moment, I’d always advise you to speak to a medical professional before you withdraw from your substance of choice. I’m happy to speak to you about whether or not you’ll need a medical intervention before cutting out any kind of drugs or alcohol, but please remember that I’m a clinical hypnotherapist, not a GP!


Find out more about how Beacon Hope Therapy can help you. Speak to Thomas today.

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