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Hello, my name is Thomas McGowan and I am Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

What do I offer? I offer to treat you, the person, not your condition. We are all individuals and experience the same and similar things differently. We have different symptoms to illnesses, and things affect us uniquely. Through consultation, I find out how the purpose of your visit is affecting you and what are the main areas that are causing you concern or distress. 

I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I also hold clinics in Dukinfield near Stockport and Manchester

Skype and other video messaging sessions are also available. 


My Services


I specialise in helping those that are having issues or are struggling with any form of dependency or addiction.  I run a 5 session programme to help people take control back of their life.  It is not just about the stopping however, It is also about addressing the root cause and what is driving the unwanted behaviors.  Many of my clients are still functioning, holding down jobs, however, are starting to see cracks forming in many areas of their lives



My 4 session weight control programme is based around your specific needs. 

It is not a diet, it is changing your entire relationship with food forever.  We all have busy lives nowadays and with this programme, it enables you to carry on as normal and not having to start cooking separate meals.  I do encourage healthy eating, and having treats but at the same time you do not feel restricted or guilty for having some of the food that you really enjoy. 



My 2 hour session will return you to be a non smoker.  Helping you to take regain control of your life in many areas.   As stopping smoking is a hard thing to do and is different for everyone, I have your back even after the session.  Staying in touch with clients in the early days is important to me to ensure that it is as easy and comfortable as possible.  


OldPain2Go is a methodology created by Steven Blake.  This therapy is not hypnosis, though it does use communicating with your subconscious.  It is designed to remove old diagnosed pain. That pain that the doctors say that all they can do is provide pain medication.  This truly a wonderful therapy and I use ts for many other conditions such as fibromyalgia, MS, CFS as well as for hayfever and some skin conditions.


The above are just a few of the treatments that I offer,  others include anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. Regardless of the labels that are attached to conditions,  if there is any aspect of your life that you would like help with,  please do get in touch as I know I will be able to help you. 

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