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What do I offer? I offer to treat you the person, not your condition. We are all individuals and experience the same and similar things differently. We have different symptoms to illnesses, and things affect us uniquely. Through the no charge consultation, I find out how the purpose of your visit is affecting you and what are the main areas that are causing you concern or distress.  I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I also hold clinics in Denton, Manchester.  Skype and other video messaging sessions are also available.




Illness generally has a cause. Anxiety, depression, IBS, fibromyalgia and much more are caused by something external. By working on the root of the problem eliminates the symptoms or greatly reduces them. I aim to provide clients with tools that they can use themselves to control their condition whenever they need too.


Are you are looking to assert some positive change in your life? Such as finding a new job, starting your own business or maybe just asking someone out. Our self-esteem, self-confidence, self-belief can hold us back. I can work with you to help you visualise your goals and dreams and boost your SELF's. Together we can make amazing things happen. The aims and objectives are set by you. Using my training, skills and experience, I personalise a therapy that is centred around you, tackling YOUR symptoms or working towards YOUR goals.


 I pride myself in the work I do with my clients. I help them achieve or overcome whatever it is they have asked for help with. Hypnosis works with the subconscious, and this is where all our memories, behaviours, feelings and emotions are stored. I believe that there is nothing that hypnosis cannot help with. So I am always looking for new challenges. Sometimes small changes can have a huge impact on your life and offer freedom and relief that didn't seem possible. As a fully trained and licenced hypnotherapist, I look for the cause and deal with that cause. In turn, that then removes the symptoms, in some cases instantly.




Our sessions will be focused on YOU, I will be honest with you and only have the best intentions for you.  I see working with my clients as a partnership. I do not offer a "golden cure" to everything but there is always some form of relief. Through the sessions it is not only about providing therapy, it is also helping you to see things from a different perspective which in itself can offer relief.


My therapy will do two things.
Deal with the root cause. In most cases, this is reducing the feelings and emotions attached to past events.
Due to the ever changing world we life in, in cases such as anxiety and depression, I provide tools that you can use for the rest of your life to help you deal with life on your terms.


Addiction and dependency issues are my speciality. So please see my Addiction section for more details.


As well as Face to Face sessions I also offer sessions via Skype and other video messaging platforms.




I specialise in all types of addiction and dependency.


Looking for control over your weight? Join one of my friendly groups running in the Huddersfield area. Or book a one to one session.


Click the link to see my free resources on my YouTube channel.

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